Monday, December 17, 2018


Want to find out how well your practice is meeting patients' needs? Conduct a Patient Survey. An annual survey is an effective way to show patients on an ongoing basis that you value their input and opinion. So why not begin the annual survey for your practice in January 2019? Use that first month of the new year to get patient responses as they come for appointments, and post the survey on your website to poll those not scheduled in January.
An effective survey should accomplish four goals:
  • Tell you what patients want so that you can implement their preferences when feasible.
  • Tell you what patients like best about your office so that you can continue and even emphasize the positive features.
  • Alert you to what patients do not like about your office so that you can stop or modify those negatives.
  • Engage patients, letting them know that you and your staff care about what they want and how they feel about your practice.
Customize the following example survey to include the information you want to get from your patients. Conduct the survey for the entire month; any longer is not effective. Organize the responses by subject so you and your staff can evaluate all input and prioritize any steps that need to be taken. Implement changes where practicable, and be prepared to explain the reason(s) that some suggestions cannot be addressed.
Remember, a survey is successful as a marketing and management tool only when input prompts action. Avoid using the survey as a feel-good exercise with no intention of implementing suggestions received. Patients regard a survey that results in no action as a marketing ploy, an undeserved attempt to gain their trust.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve out practice. Please take a few moments to answer these questions. We value your opinion and want to be responsive to your needs. Thank you!
Are your calls to our office answered promptly and courteously? Yes___ No___
Are your inquiries requiring a response from Dr. Jones or one of our staff members returned promptly or as promised? Yes___ No___
Are our hours of operation convenient for you and your family? Yes___ No___
When you made your last appointment, how long did you have to wait between the day you called and the day of your appointment?
Type of appointment:__________ Time elapsed:________
When you arrive for appointments, are you greeted immediately and courteously? Yes___ No___
Do you find the parking lot, entry way, reception room, patient restroom, and treatment rooms clean, attractive and comfortable? Yes___ No___
What type of music do you prefer to hear while you are in the reception room?
Are there other amenities in the reception area that you would appreciate?
Do you have any suggestions about how we can improve interaction and communication with you and other patients?
Are your oral health condition and treatment needs clearly explained to you by the hygienist and/or the dentist? Yes___ No___
Do you feel free to ask questions of the dentist, the hygienist, or any other staff member? Yes___ No___
If our schedule is running late, did you receive an explanation from a staff member? Yes___ No___
Are our fees and financial arrangements adequately explained? Yes___ No___
Are billing statements clear and easy to understand? Yes___ No___
What do you like best about our practice?
What do you like least about our practice?
How can we improve that aspect?
What do you suggest to improve your appointments and our service to you in the future?
Will you recommend our practice to your family and friends? Yes___ No___
If not, why not?
Please comment about any other topic you feel is pertinent to your care and comfort in our office. We appreciate your choosing our practice for your dental care, and we want to be your dental home for years and years to come.
We sincerely appreciate your interest and the time you have taken to help us make sure our practice is on a constant track to better satisfy your needs and preferences.

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